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Flexible Packaging


The Pharmaceutical Strip Foil, soft aluminium foil laminated with low density polyethylene using heat and press technology, provides perfect seal integrity.


The Pharmaceutical Blister Foil manufactured by us meets international quality standards. The aluminium foil and heat seal medium both are non toxic. This product is covered under USDMF.


We supply laminates that are supplied in combination of Paper, Aluminium and PE for Pharmaceuticals, Home and Personal Care. The asthetics are printed on 10 colour printing machine.

The material of construction is non toxic and excellent barrier to transmission of moisture, light & gases. Apart from this, has excellent printing quality.

Alu Alu Foil & Tropical Foil

It provides perfect intended protection to capsule/tablet packs. The raw materials used in manufacturing these structures are suitable for direct contact with food. It has a barrier to moisture, light, oxygen & other gases. It also has long term de lamination resistance.