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Printed Cartons & Labels

In product manufacturing industry, packaging plays an integral role. No matter, what is being manufactured, packaging always comes into the frame. It is not very long ago when presentation of product was hardly a matter. However, with the advancement of technology and increasing competition among the manufacturers, working on product presentation has become mandatory.

With a vision to achieve the best product quality, affordability and customer service, PSI has invested in state-of-the-art-technology that produces Folding Carton, Laminated Carton, Braille Embossed Carton, Foil Stamped Carton, Fluted Carton, Met Pet Carton, Plastic Cartons.

With High speed presses from KBA and Heidelberg and Superior Die Cutting and folding gluing equipment from BOBST we convert reverse tuck and crash lockbottom cartons on a variety of substrates from recycled greyback to virgin fibre bleached FBB board.